Testimonials and Attestations

Super Paper Products Co. Ltd, Ghana

The disolve and hard patch peel-scales in the subsequent years' shutdown maintenance was more pronounced. The level scale build-up had significantly reduced with much cleaner shells and pipe surfaces.

Fuel consumption for the boiler operation also dropped correspondingly with an estimated savings of 20% for year 2005 (Though with some factors like improved condensate recovery)

The Scalewatcher is confirmed to have treated feed water to our boiler in addition to the removal considerable amount of silicate scales build up.

Head of Engineering - Matthew Kuyt


Pioneer Foods Canery Ltd, Ghana

After approximately 3 months of use of Scale Watcher, noticeable improvements were seen in the condensor performance. This improvement in the condensor perfomance was transferred into improved refrigeration compressor performance as discharge pressure reduced by 2 bars. 
With continued use, it is anticipated that further substancial improved condensor performance would be realised.


Cocacola Bottling Company of Ghana

Upon contnuous monitring after installation, it was observed that the amount of scales has reduced, which is an indication that the equipment is removing and capable of removing all scales.

I however recommend that the equipment be installed permanently to prevent and remove any scale in the washer.

Lab. Technician - John O. Brobbey


Sajub Laundaries, Ghana

Before installation of the Scalewatcher, time for steam building is higher. The duration is approximately 30 mins.
After the Scalewatcher was installed, steam builds faster (approx. 20 mins) due to the less formation of calcium carbonate scales around the heating elements, thus saving energy bills.

Before, cooling of the dry clean machine was not easy, the machine stops on overheating twice at each programme washing.
After, cooling system is improved, and no overheating.

We are very appreciative for the positive effects of the Scalewatcher on our installation.

Technical Director - S. Kohey

Unilever Ghana Ltd

Before Installation
The condensor fire tubes were fouled to the extend that the actual tubes could no be seen except the hard calcium carbonate scales, which could no be removed by the normall cleaning.
The Fractionation ammonia compressor discharge pressure increased to 16.5 bars above the set limit of 13.5 with poor condensation as one of the contributing factors

After Installation
About 90% of scales have fallen off, and the remaining is softoned and can therefore be washed by the normal maintenance cleaning.
The Fractionation ammonia compressor discharge presssure now operates between 10 -13.5 bars, which is teh safe operating pressure.
Chilling has also improved (<10*C)

The Scalewatcher is cost effective and provides good descaling result compared to chemical wash, which among other things is expensive. The industrial scalewatcher therefore can be purchased for all the four(4) evaporative condensors.

Maintenance Engineer - A.K. Mbroh


Pens and Plastics Ghana Ltd

Formation of Calcium carbonate scales between core and cooling pinds are no more, thereby making possible to run moulds at higher rate. Barrel mould for example is running at 13.8 sec per cycle from previous 16.9 sec.
It has also reduced the cost of replacing stacked core cooling ppinds and hope it will reduce damages to core pins as a result of rusting.

This is a good investment.

Technical Manager - E.D.K. Klu


NB, Nigeria

Already deposited scale was obsereved softened and gradually washed off by the spray jets.
The pipes sureface became clean as no new scale was formed.
the power consumption also dropped correspondingly with as estimated savings of 17% (Though with other factors like production volume and energy saving intiatves as contributors)

The Scalewatcher is confirmed to have treated evaporated condenser water effectively. Roll out of our other condensers and boilers is to be considered.

Nigerial Engineering Manager - Igbukolu C.U.


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