Mineral Scaling

Scalewatcher is able to prevent scaling and to remove existing layers without chemicals. There are numerous examples in Industry with successful applications. Launching the product in 1989 initiated Universities to research this phenomenon which was at the time not really understood. Now the technology is widely accepted. Thanks to managers of companies in Industry who in the early days, were not afraid being laughed at while evaluating the performance of Scalewatcher in the field. Physical water treatment has pushed back the use of chemicals, and will continue to do so.


An amazing side effect of the product on iron pipes with oxygen containing water is that rust is not longer formed; it will be removed and replaced by a very thin black protecting layer, called Magnetite. There are chemicals creating the same effect; Scalewatcher does it in a natural way using harmless magnetic and electric fields, without the burden of recurring costs.


A side effect that was to be expected is the fact that bacteria counts in process water will dramatically be reduced due to the cleaning effect of Scalewatcher. The breading ground of bacteria disappears, so will the bacterium. This effect is noticeable in swimming pools but also in cooling towers. A cooling tower can run with less chemicals to inhibit scale, corrosion and to reduce the growth or reproduction of bacteria, when using Scalewatcher.

Water Disposal

In the civilized world Industry has to pay for its disposal of water. Blow down of steam boilers or cooling towers are examples. As most of this equipment uses automatic blow down based on the electrical conductivity of water, it is easily seen why water can be saved. The longer it takes before a certain conductivity level is reached the fewer blow downs. Adding chemicals to water will increase the conductivity. Savings of 70 to 80 % in water usage is possible. The total savings on water usage, cost of water disposal and cost of chemicals gives an extremely quick return on a one time investment.

The Benefits Scalewatcher

• SCALEWATCHER will cleanse your equipment (Water piplines, Aerators, Clarifiers, Valves, Filters, Tanks, Pumps, etc from all kinds of fouling

• It saves your production time as frequency of maintenance will reduce and spares your equipments from the consequence(s) or effect of chemical used in water treatment which are also source of corrosion, quick depreciation of capital investment.

• Energy consumption is greatly minimized due to disappearance of scale.

• Increases efficiency and lifetime of your capital equipments, etc.

• Prevents settlement of Zebra mussels on equipment using Sea water.



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