Mineral scaling costs industry millions of dollars each year in downtime, lost production, early renewal of capital equipment and increased energy bills. Companies are under pressure not only to cut costs and become more efficient but this must be carried out under increasing government environmental legislation. 

Scalewatcher Electronic De-scaling Systems have been developed as a result of many years experience in treating fouling problems throughout the world. They are specifically designed to provide today's industrial companies with an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical use. Examples of mineral scaling successfully treated: Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium Sulphate and Silicate scales. 

Scalewatcher Industrial Systems can be provided to treat any size of pipe, regardless of material or flow rate. Scalewatcher can design and manufacture custom-built units for a wide range of specialist applications (inclusive of Intrinsically Safe Units for use in potentially hazardous environments). Units are rated to a minimum of IP54/Nema2, though any rating or configuration can be provided.

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Most Organizations, whether government, small, medium or large scale industries such as water treatment and distribution processes are experiencing unnecessary and avoidable overhead cost of equipment maintenance and increasing high operational cost, due to absence of EFFECTIVE protection for capital equipment against water related fouling.

Protection for your equipment and facilities is necessary from various mineral-forming sludge, scales, bacteria growth, corrosion, Etc that are derivable from silicate, sulphite, iron, carbonate, Etc These contaminants must be eliminated from such equipment as Aerators, Clarifiers, Water Pipelines and other water-using equipment in the Water treatment and supply industries.

Prevalent techniques for the protection or removal of existing deposits such as; Mechanical cleaning and others necessitate plant shut down and production time waste moreover it leads to early replacement of capital as strong chemical agents are used . The exception is Physical water treatment, which the Scalewatcher technology provides with superlative advantage.




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