Scalewatcher: A Descaler Friendly for the Environment

Hard water problems are caused by dissolved mineral ions in the water and adheres to surfaces such as of heating elements, shower heads, taps and bathroom tiles. The traditional water softener may prevent this but they require maintenance and a regular salt supply and it is not without danger to drink this water.

In addition this equipment is not capable of removing existing scale layers. Not only households suffer from hard scale, also Commercial Water Users such as hotels, restaurants, dentists, hair dressers, offices and not to forget Industry Benefit by a maintenance free water softener.

Scalewatcher™ is an environmental friendly descaler without maintenance and does not change the composition of the water. Hard scale or staining disappears gradually without the need to do anything by you after the unit is installed. Scalewatcher™ guarantees the descaling of your complete water system.


Below is a demonstration of how it works:



See what some of our customers think of Scalewatcher and learn from how it has benefited them.

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